Dedicated KVM Plans

Little as $24.00/Year

More Info About KVM or Windows Plans

**Windows 2008 R2 / 2012 R2 included in cost**

4 DATACENTERS: All plans come with a choice of Datacenter, LV for Las Vegas | NJ for New Jersey | MI for Miami | LU for Luxembourg in the EU


Complete control All plans's come with complete root access for you to manage your services how you want.

Offloaded database servers For an additional $1.00/month, you can purchase access to an offloaded MySQL server located alongside your server. The SQL servers are backed by RAID 10 + SSD read caching to drastically improve performance. All access to the SQL servers is available over your private IP address, meaning you pay no additional bandwidth costs for usage.

Affordable DDoS protection For $3.00/month you can purchase a DDoS protected IP address, perfect for filtering ICMP, UDP and reflection attacks. SYN & spoofed SYN are also protected but at a lesser extent.